Technical Support

We have hands-on experience and knowledge about handling technical support staff.
Let Supportonic take charge and be there for your customers’ needs at all times.

Software Technical Support

Qualified software support specialists solving customers’ issues in record time

Product Technical Support

With a deep knowledge of products, able to effectively help and guide consumers by responding to their FAQs.

Quality Control

24/7 customer support for reporting any form of technical glitch experienced by users directly to your developers.

IT Technical Support

Troubleshooting and tackling common IT related problems often experienced by users.

App Technical Support

Experts who know their way around any App related issues adept at on the spot troubleshooting, such as responding to reviews on Play and/or iOS store

E-commerce Services

Technical support personnel available on a 24 hour basis backing you with customer support as well as dedicated IT team for solving web-related problems that might arise.

Outsourced Technical Support

We can all agree that not every product, service, or app will be a simple deal for all customers. There will always be a few who will find themselves in a spot where they need technical support. Organizations that sell the product or service are sometimes the ones providing technical support to their customers but the common practice is that technical support is usually outsourced to reduce your workload. At Supportonic, we take that workload and give your customers the resolution they need in the simplest way possible.

We Take Technical Support To The Next Level.

To bring you the best of technical support, we hire experts for the job. These experts have experience spanning 5 years in the technical support sector and with little to no training, they can represent your products, services or apps with the best approach so that your customers will feel a deeper connection with the brand itself. We turn solutions into an opportunity for brand recognition among other things that will only benefit your business.

More Than Just Technical Support

Our services will provide excellent technical support for your customers but there is so much more in store for our clients. Our services will take the responsibility off you so your focus can shift to more important prospects such as growing and expanding your business. Staff recruitment and management can be a chore for any organization and It slows down the growth substantially. Supportonic makes breathing room for your organization as we take charge of your technical support and provide you with premium services.

Contact us now and book your free consultation so we can show you exactly what we have in store for your organization.

Save Operational Costs

Outsource your technical support department to us and save up on a multitude of operational costs that frees up your resources for more important investments.

Autonomous Recruitment and Training

Recruiting and training technical support personnel can sometimes be extremely tedious which is why we take charge when it comes to managing recruitment.

Switch Focus to Growth

With your time and resources freed up, reallocate them to business growth and expansion as we amp up your customer retention rate with our excellent services.


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